Everytime when Iam thrown onto the ground I shatter into pieces, but i get up much stronger. No one can live my life for me or stop me from what i want to achieve. The love,The Hope, The Fight, The Dream is what keeps me ALIVE!


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  • nareman says:

    Hi ,

    I read your blog and I am really moved by it. could you please do me favour, if you know people who have their own blogs, it would be great if they could share this story. The only way we can get some help is by spreading this msg through social media. Talk about this on every possible social forum on the net. I am in the process of setting up a website http://www.savemvalbedo.com , The site is under construction and will be up and running soon.

    Really appreciate your ampathy and hope that this message can spread and achieve it’s objective


    Nareman – Daughter of Captain Jawaid SAleem

    • agganaa says:

      I have asked people to share it on twitter and actually a lot of people have shared it on Facebook and twitter. We can make this happen.don lose hope.

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