Where to draw the line?

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Is power an addiction?do we all have that in us?how is it tamed?

I was at the park at the crack of dawn for meditation. I sat down and tried to collect my thoughts together.I was disturbed when i heard the sound of an aircraft. I tried not to pay attention to that sound but my mind kept drifting. I was thinking of the millions of people who are living listening to the same noise day in and out. What would they be telling their children?Will they be putting them to sleep or fleeing from their homes?

When i was young my dad always told me to be competent in everything I did. I wanted to be first in everything i did.I could not accept being second in anything. I wanted to be in control. But i i grew older things changed. You can be in control of certain aspects of your life but not everything. You compromise, you learn to give up,you begin to accept loss and failure..You let go of people you love..You no longer are the same.

Most often we are not aware of this power control within us. I might not be leading a nation today but i think it is this thirst for power and control that is destroying innocent lives. There might be so many reasons to what is happening around us but the primary reason is ‘power’.

Power is of two kinds,
1. Bestowed by the people
2. Forcefully taken

The first kind is supposed to be perfect.So called ‘democracy’. Ideally it should be as Lincoln would put it ‘by,for and of the people’ . But how many democratic countries are truly democratic? Lets take India as an example. We vote and we choose our leaders. But do we have a choice?We have two parties that are equally corrupt, lacking leadership. But those are the two choices, we choose the one that is less dangerous to the harmony of the people. We have one leader within the ruling part trying to make a difference but he has been labelled as an accidental politician and someone who is qualified solely based on his ‘family’ name. But is it a mistake to come from a ‘political’ family and have a vision that is different? do people still think everyone are the same?has the past experiences made us so skeptical?

What is the solution when the Government that is chosen by the people is not different from the dictators?

The second type are those who are dominated by the lust for power and control. Did anyone ever expect that by one man setting himself on fire would lead to democracy in Egypt?Does this show the power each individual has?this only makes me wonder how much more we can achieve if we channel all of our individual passion and develop a collective vision? Is it at this very moment that our thirst for power increases? Is this the time when we would crush anyone? Why is that those who are supposed to guard lives are the ones destroying it? Have we lost our conscience or do we have conscience ? What should we do to create this change? Or should we just keep blaming everyone around us for this mess? I don’t know!

Where do we draw the line?When do we know that this is enough?


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