could we have it all?

February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

When we are young we dream of a perfect house, perfect friends, perfect job and a perfect family. But as we get older we let go of so many of them. We compromise of the kind of job we do, we base life on convenience rather than passion. When i ask my parents if this was what they always dreamt of? Is this the life they always wanted? With a bright smile they answer saying that they could not have asked for more. I am not sure if i would be able to tell the same thing when i am at their age. Will i have the same smile they do? Will i sleep so peacefully at night? But rationally i should not have all these doubts because we are the generation that has advanced in every sense. We have computers, e- readers, mobile phones, Facebook, twitter, messenger, Communication is at its best these days. It is strange since we witness a lot of broken relationships and marriages due to the ‘lack of communication’. I wonder is we have started to rate relationships just like our fast food driven lives? I often wonder if our high style, quality driven lives are making us undervalue our relationships? Are we taking it for granted? Why are we moving so quickly from one relationship to the other just like the way we switch channels? Is that the way to find true love? Is that how we are going to find out who is meant for us? Or are we going to miss that ‘one’ special person who made us see the world with a different pair of eyes?


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