February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

11.02.2011 would be a day when the world’s oldest civilization took a tiny step towards being truly democratic. Yesterday when Hosni Mubarak said that he would not step down i felt upset and angry but it was so amazing to see the protesters calm in-spite of the angry they had! They have been under Mubarak’s rule for 30 years and they have had enough. The most astonishing of all is that the protestors did not use any form of violence..No breaking windows, no pelting stones, no setting buses on fire, no mob violence. It was like when Gandhi led the freedom struggle in India. A line said by the great Martin Luther King ”something in the soul cries out for freedom” came to my mind. Even though they were under this regime for so many years they were yearning for freedom!

Many are very skeptical about the future of Egypt. I am too, its a very long road for them. It was their endearing spirit that lead to Mubarak’s resignation and it is much more important that they keep up the pressure and urge those in power to plan a step by step process. This was not some over night revolution, this was the desire and longing of millions of people in Egypt to taste freedom, to sleep at night as a free nation, to raise their children to dream the impossible, Indeed Egypt has achieved the impossible!!!


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