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I once asked my dad why he named me ‘priyadarshini’, he told me that it was the name of  India’s first Woman Prime Minister ‘Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi’. Its after that I begun to read about Indira Gandhi. I was fascinated to know that she is the world’s all time longest serving Female Prime Minister. Indira Gandhi had a very unstable childhood, her mother was suffering from ‘tuberculosis’ and her father constantly in and out of prison. She lost her mother when she was 18yrs old. Her communication with her dad was limited to letters. It is astonishing if one thinks how she became such an influential leader in prevalently male-dominated society.  I often wonder what gave her the strength and power to go on!! Was her father’s letters so influential in her life?did that change her life? I came across her description of her father’s letters to her,

These letters deal with the beginnings of the earth and of man’s awareness of himself. They were not merely letters to be read and put away.They bought a fresh outlook and aroused a feeling of concern for people and interest in the world around.They taught one to treat nature as a book.I spent absorbing hours studying stones and plants,the lives of insects and at night, the stars “, i could not help but wonder whether the greatest inspiration lies in nature!

I began to think of my childhood days in karigiri. The fresh air,long never ending roads,birds near my window,smell of the rain,sight of jasmine flowers near my door step! I could spend the entire day looking outside my window just admiring the ocean blue sky and all I could wish is that the day would never end!

Today I look out of my window in London and all I can see are tall buildings,traffic lights, pubs,  numerous cars and I begin to wonder what gave me the inspiration to pursue human rights! I still remember that day! It was one morning when i was looking out of my window and in a distance i saw a nest. I saw a crow bringing food(little worms) to feed baby sparrows! That incident had such an impact on me, i thought to myself,why should a crow feed a sparrow?When birds are so sensitive to the needs of another how much more sensitive human beings should be?!Then i decided i should be the change i want to see!

There, my inspiration was from nature too! Now i have something in common with Indira Gandhi apart from my name:-))


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